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Pop Icons

20 October 1987
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  • popdesigner@livejournal.com
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This is my graphics journal. Entries will mainly consist of icons, although I also post
colorbars, friends only banners, headers, mood themes, etc. All graphics will be made by
myself. Be sure to read the rules. Have fun!

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# Credit is required when taking graphics.

# Please comment before taking graphics... not because I'm going to hunt you down
and kill you if you forgot to credit me. No, I just want to see which graphics are more
popular, and which techniques I should keep using.

# If I post any graphics, please do not modify them unless I've specifically instructed
otherwise. You may modify bases, although remember that textless icons are not
always bases, and comment with your result if you'd like.

# No hotlinking. At all. You will be murdered.

# Please do not ask me to make you anything unless I have specifically posted
that I am taking requests.

# Feel free to nominate me for award communities. Please comment before doing
so simply because it'll make me really happy to know that people appreciate my work.

# If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer

# If you fail to meet these requirements, I might just have to kill you. Well,
not really. I understand that sometimes people forget, but please try to follow the rules.

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<-- this @ greatestjournal

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Saludos Amigos and Three Cabaleros caps, are all mine if you want them please contact me.
chanel.com and style.com
Getty Images.com


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